First week, still alive

The first week of internal medicine is complete. I didn’t think it went too badly, and I didn’t think I was very tired, until I laid in bed for a while with the plan to get up to workout soon, and ended up laying there past 9pm without any dinner, simply because I couldn’t get … Continue reading


There is a world of difference between the family medicine I was learning two weeks ago, and the family medicine I’m practicing now. Here, I take a full history, perform a physical exam, often including a pap, provide my assessment to the preceptor, offer a plan for investigation, offer guidelines on how far apart these … Continue reading

Treating the whole person

For the most part, family medicine has been a lot what I expected it to be. Of course, rural medicine has its own natural flavour–each encounter begins with, “How’s the family? Getting ready for harvest? Oh, how was your trip to ___? How’s little ___ enjoying the second grade?” Everyone is intimately acquainted with every … Continue reading


I should have written something at the start of link block two weeks ago, because the feeling then and the feeling now are completely different. The past two weeks in and of themselves have been quite a challenge. I failed my first exam–woooo! Fortunately I was in good company as I think there were 26 … Continue reading


We are in the last few days of Ramadan. Incredible and disheartening how quickly it flew by. I think I would be one of many, many Muslims who would say that I feel this Ramadan has been robbed from me. Unless you’re purposely shunning out any world news, you’ll know that there is a genocide … Continue reading

Skipping lunch

It’s Ramadan! For those who don’t know, Ramadan is a month of Muslim calendar in which we fast from food, drink (yes even water), and sexual relations from dawn to dusk for 30 days. The idea is that by abstaining from things that God has made lawful, and even good and beneficial, after the month … Continue reading

One month of life

I can’t believe it’s been a full month since I’ve written here–it feels like so recently I was writing my exams, and here I am fully engaged in summer mode. Too many things to recap:  I passed my exams! Yay! Even the dreaded anatomy bellringer. I was actually quite in shock about that one, as … Continue reading

Let’s talk about

In case you were wondering, taking a sexual history in an OSCE situation is just as mortifying as you expect it to be. Especially when you want to wince apologetically before every question you ask. Especially when you have no idea how personal is too personal, and what sexual practices might or might not be … Continue reading

Work a little to ball a lot

Yesterday was the first time in my life I gave a job interview where I felt the interviewers were trying to impress me and convince me why I should take the job, more than I was trying to impress them and convince them they should hire me. Is this what life will be like from now on, … Continue reading

Started from the bottom, now we here

I’ve noticed a huge shift in my thinking as a medical student. As in, I finally feel like I’m “thinking like a doctor.” I’m not alone in this, as many of my classmates have said the same thing as going through our first year notes in studying for the comp. But I feel it’s particularly … Continue reading