An office.  A psychiatrist.   A relationship.  A man who makes me question almost everything about myself.  A therapist. Being one. Seeing one.  Patients. Seeing them. Being them.  Exams, stress, miscommunication, low self-worth, feeling lonely, being reassured, having certainty in him, feeling lonely anyway.  Resentment.  About the thawing winter, about the climate that has just … Continue reading


There is a place in this city that I call my own. I didn’t find it through someone else’s recommendation, or through Instagram, or through a “top 10 things to do” list. There was no FOMO, there is nothing to purchase there, there are no landmark photo-ops. There is just peace. There are only footpaths … Continue reading

Let’s ACTUALLY talk about mental health.

I’m delighted to see that mental health conditions are making their way into mainstream conversation. It is so good to see people start to feel comfortable talking about their depression and anxiety. I know that we have a ways to go–as a society, we are still not able to talk rationally and calmly about people … Continue reading

48 hours

Is the best compliment you can ever receive something like, “I wouldn’t have done this if you weren’t here?” Is there anything possibly more gratifying than that?


This time I didn’t want to be one of those “new year, new me” people. But when you avoid clichés that’s exactly when they seem to happen. I am spending January 1st in a new condo, a building that I’ve been thinking about moving to for months and haven’t had the nerve to break my … Continue reading

He had a math degree

My friend continues to struggle with the aftermath of a breakup that questioned her entire identity, her purpose, her sense of self. It’s interesting that in our constant back and forth texts discussing her thoughts and emotions around the relationship, she consistently refers to him as “the ex.” Not by name, even though I knew … Continue reading

When it rains, it pours

Nearly every day for the past several weeks, I have cried myself into a migraine. Things have been so, so difficult lately. As a kid I never really understood why adults would look so miserable getting through their workday, and when someone would ask what’s been dragging them down, they would respond, “life.” But sometimes … Continue reading