Attitude of Gratitude

Posted on Day 22 of Ramadan: Somehow I completely fell off the wagon for these reflections even though they were the one thing keeping me in check amongst busy school/work schedules. I’ve been thinking a lot about the things we take for granted. In Ramadan of course it’s easy to remember the food/water we take … Continue reading

Assalamu alaikum

It has been so nice working with a Muslim, female, hijabi obstetrician/gynecologist. After taking her lead, I now walk into the room and as soon as I see a hijabi or otherwise visibly Muslim, I get to greet them with “Assalamu alaikum,”¬†peace be upon you, the universal greeting between Muslims all over the world. If … Continue reading

First generation world

I’ve been posting some thoughts on facebook everyday as we go through the month of Ramadan. While they won’t have much to do with medicine, I’ll post a selection from them here. Ramadan Reflection Day 3: this one’s a tear jerker. It’s hard to encapsulate the struggles and sentiments of being part of a family … Continue reading

Beyond the drapes

Once the anesthesiologist’s drapes come up, it’s always a little hard to remember there’s a live human being on the surgical table. We take our green sterile cloths and we drape, and drape, and drape, until there’s only a dismembered part of the original apparent to us. Reality becomes focused in on the triangle of … Continue reading

Stranger than fiction

Today I attended the hearing of a rapist… who raped–of all people–a nun… and the rape took place in–of all places–a church… you really can’t make any of this up. So this is what life has been like on forensic psychiatry. Literally all kinds of crazy. It’s fascinating, horrifying, blood-curdling, all at the same time, … Continue reading

January, again

I started off the year feeling almost pretty great. I was done the hardest rotation and I knew everything would be looking up: school, relationships, friends, spirituality, and the length of daylight hours. Everything on the horizon was looking not too shabby. But over the course of the month I feel like I’ve been beaten … Continue reading

I should have written this weeks ago

It’s been Christmas break for over a week, and I’ve been bathing in post-OSCE glory for over 2 weeks now. I started the break off thinking to myself… Okay, M, you need to keep refreshing these topics. Come on, you finished internal medicine and this is the smartest you’ll be for at least the next … Continue reading

The Alex special

There are not many times where I can say I have enjoyed interviewing patients who, let’s just say, require a little more work. I think most people, students and most definitely busy staff doctors, prefer quick answers and textbook patients who fit their working diagnosis easily. Yesterday I noticed myself displaying a surprising amount of … Continue reading

I ain’t even mad

I consulted neurology for a patient this past week. I have to admit I’m still pretty nervous talking to a specialist, acting like I know what I’m talking about. Switchboard told me I’d have to go through their answering service, where you leave a message with basic info about the patient, how you can be … Continue reading