Official CaRMS post

I guess I should write about CaRMS. I mean, it’s a pretty important experience that I’ll be looking back on. But it’s hard to write your feelings about something you’re so completely immersed in, something you’re doing 24/7 and are thinking about 24/7… I’ve interviewed at most of the Ontario schools (minus Toronto), and some … Continue reading


This time four years ago, I was interviewing for medical schools, consumed with uncertainty about my future, pining over a guy who didn’t want me, and leaning on a guy who did give me the attention I wanted, even if he was my second choice. Today I’m on my first flight out to a residency … Continue reading

Death and dying

Continued from Part I. The day I got her admission package, I stared at the history in front of me, document after document of her tragedy. One paper I couldn’t get past: her goals of care designation. C2. In Canada we don’t have DNRs; we break down DNRs into exactly what a patient may or may … Continue reading

Young and beautiful

I’ve meant to write about so many cases these past two weeks. Yes, because of course it’s contributing to my growth as a future physician, helping me find what I’m comfortable with and what kind of doctor I’ll be, but also more selfishly because they will make for some amazing CaRMS stories. (Apparently we need … Continue reading

Soft skills

I have so much I need to be journalling about, with so much on my mind and my promise to myself to reflect more. And yet with all this swimming in my mind, all these wonderful patient experiences I’ve been mulling over, I haven’t put it down. Before I get into a touching experience on my … Continue reading

January has come early

I remember being told January is the hardest month to get through, and that’s been holding a pattern in my life for the past few years. This year, maybe it’s come too soon. With an intense, exhausting neurology rotation; with a bunch of social stressors surrounding family and extended family; with a general feeling of … Continue reading

Serious question

What is the difference between a crack addict in their 20s presenting with an MI and a skater kid who gets his high off extreme sports and dangerous jumps? What is the difference between a chronic marijuana user who develops schizophrenia and a morbidly obese fellow who develops type 2 diabetes? What is the difference … Continue reading


Tonight on my drive in from Calgary to Canmore, something caught my eye and I had to pull over. I realized I will probably never get a chance to see the rural Alberta sky this clearly and this easily, at least not for a while. What looked like generous sprinkle after generous sprinkle of stars … Continue reading

To the man I used to know

We saw each other on accident and it just about broke me apart. That night I came home and couldn’t stop smiling, couldn’t sleep out of how happy I was. The next day all I could think about was when I’d see you again. Today I’m devastated knowing I probably won’t. You haven’t done anything … Continue reading

What have I done

Apparently I have started vlogging. Oh my god this is actually so embarrassing. But whatever. It might inspire a young girl or two. And most of all it makes me feel like I’m doing something with my life, which I usually spend talking about all the things I have to do and just watching cat … Continue reading