Posted in August 2012

The end of O-week

I’ve made it through Orientation (almost)! Today they actually went over the curriculum over the next four years and I gotta say, as overwhelming as it is, it’s also extremely refreshing. What a great reminder of the reason we’re going through all this. This was the session I’ve been waiting for all week–don’t give me … Continue reading

Intro to the profession

Day One of orientation has confirmed this program to be almost everything I thought it would be. That is: very structured, very well-supported, massive numbers of administrators, fun (now), interesting (later), lots of partying, lots of inflated egos, lots of pumping further air into these already inflated egos, some quirky personalities, mostly needing-approval-from-society personalities, lots … Continue reading

Hello, world

So, tomorrow I start orientation for med school, insha’allah (God willing). This essentially means that tomorrow, I start the career that will dictate the rest of my life. I thought it’d be a good idea to start this blog with a picture of what I think my future will look like, while I’m still young … Continue reading