Posted in September 2012

One big happy family

I realise my posts are getting progressively douchier. I should clarify: I like med school; I do not like med school hype. I like my classmates; I do not like the bit of ego problem we all have in this field, myself included. I like the profession; I do not like the misuse and exploitation … Continue reading


Most of my medicine classmates have posted pictures with their stethoscopes and white coats that we received a week ago. I haven’t even taken mine out of the box. This is something I’m proud of, in a weird way. When I know that I’m not giving into the hype of this career, all of the … Continue reading

Rx for a chill pill, 60mg bid

Guys. Guys. Y’all need to relax. After writing our first quiz, and assuming this sets the stage for our future exams (even though they will inevitably get more difficult), I can safely say the following: everyone needs to relax. For the first time in my education since all the fluffy elementary stuff, understanding concepts is … Continue reading


It’s 2am on the Sunday night before our first official med school examination. And instead of studying, I’m listening to online lectures given by enlightened individuals as they talk about closeness with God. At the end of the game, none of this matters. All of this stuff–exams, knowledge, medicine, careers, money, relationships, other people–all of … Continue reading

House, the Chaplain

House spoke to me today, for the first time in a long time. I’m finally catching up on the 8th and last season, and I watched the one about the nun and Chase’s deep and sudden connection to her. No, I’m not about to enter monastery, nor have I had any recent near-death experiences, but … Continue reading

Community Based Experience

I’ve been meaning to write about my first CBE experience ever since it happened–gotta make more time for this thing. Community-based experience is the department’s fancy way of saying they will throw us into a doctor’s office to get firsthand experience with patients, starting with observation and slowly taking further steps like taking blood pressures … Continue reading

Money on my mind

Yesterday we started small group and I can already tell that this will be the main forum in which I’ll be learning. I realise how much better I like fleshing out ideas with a bunch of other intelligent people and it makes me wonder why I never studied in groups before. Probably because I didn’t … Continue reading