Rx for a chill pill, 60mg bid

Guys. Guys. Y’all need to relax. After writing our first quiz, and assuming this sets the stage for our future exams (even though they will inevitably get more difficult), I can safely say the following: everyone needs to relax.

For the first time in my education since all the fluffy elementary stuff, understanding concepts is actually what will get you through the exam. For the first time, it is actually more important to listen, think, criticise your thinking, think some more, and make guesses. Seriously, make guesses–sound, educated guesses are what gets you through the exam. In fact, it’s what our instructors want–our coordinator just emailed us telling us exactly this! Questions will now require you to guess! Just using your toolbox of the past three weeks of DL and patient interaction and practice interviews and lectures (but very little of the lectures), put on your thinking cap and just think. Think for God’s sake, that’s all they’re asking us to do.

Thank you Lord in heaven who is most merciful that this is the end of my rote memorisation career. I was always terrible at that anyway.

Thank you God for eliminating the need to be poring over multicoloured notes and stressing over legibility because it just doesn’t goddamn matter that much anyway.

Thank you God for requiring us to use the brains that we are so arrogant to assume got us here, and giving us a good reality check.

Thank you God for Sheny’s email, the last line of which reads: “Think of the clinical relevance and application of what you are learning….it’s not Rote memorizing anymore…..”

Thank you God for putting me in this program when I didn’t ask for it, when I didn’t know what I wanted, when I bashed medicine for years, when I bashed the U of A specifically for the past 11 months, when I argued with my parents that medicine wasn’t for me, when I convinced myself that medicine wasn’t for me, when I switched into Astrophysics, when I hated society for putting medicine on such a pedestal, when I was so uncertain of anything, when I put my faith in You instead… thank you for rewarding that. Thank you, a million times thank you.


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