Posted in November 2012


Sometimes it’s just a matter of telling yourself, “The only reason I’m here today is that I was raised in a wealthy society by two outstanding parents in a nation with layers and layers of safety nets and lines of credit and have been giving all the luxuries and cushioning I could think of that … Continue reading

Warm and fuzzies

Ending our first real block last Friday gave me, and probably everyone, those nice, warm, cuddly feelings inside. That whole week, we had three or four different lecturers tell us how good of a class we’d been. Not just in a, “You’ve been great, I can’t wait to get out of here and grab my … Continue reading

You’re welcome

I still often think back to the moment I told my parents I got into medicine. I didn’t let anything slip the entire day because I didn’t want that moment to be shared over the phone; we ate dinner, almost silently; I made them both their respective tea and coffee; we sat down in the … Continue reading

In a war between…

I can’t deal with this. I literally have nowhere to put my anger and no channel for my frustration. The fact that injustice is occurring on such a massive scale on the other side of the world, and the fact that people –by far the great majority of people right now in North America–just don’t … Continue reading

Emotionally taxing

Today, the machine that is med school made its most valiant effort to incorporate spirituality into the sterile, asceptic environment they’ve created for us. I’m honestly glad they tried, but today took a toll on me when we were supposed to break off into groups and talk about how similar we all are and how … Continue reading

Stepping up the game

All right. I’ve finally decided that if I want to act like a real medicine student, I need to let go of my undergrad life. It’s not two hours of class and eight hours of lounging in SUB anymore. I can’t join every extracurricular that comes my way and still expect to do well. I … Continue reading