Stepping up the game

All right. I’ve finally decided that if I want to act like a real medicine student, I need to let go of my undergrad life. It’s not two hours of class and eight hours of lounging in SUB anymore. I can’t join every extracurricular that comes my way and still expect to do well. I need to let go of friends who don’t understand that an MD is like a full-time job and then some.

Really I’m just writing all this here because I can’t seem to convince myself of all that. I have a tendency to continually “take on more” because I think the only reason I don’t have enough time for everything is that I’m being inefficient. But at some point that has to stop being true, and if I feel pressed or like I can’t ever have time to myself, that’s definitely the line. It’s weird that I have to tell myself this because I’m usually the one in those work/life balance sessions being like, “I got this totally figured out, I never feel stressed, I’ll never get addicted to work, who me, no way” and yet here I am wagering with myself how to stop being so involved. Just replace “work” with “extracurriculars and everything in life except school” in my case.

Today I took Saturday night to chill and watch a movie. Tomorrow I have work and Arabic class and will probably do chores the rest of the time. Monday on, I really need to get serious. I’m talking schedules, allotted chill time, and powering through everything.


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