In a war between…

I can’t deal with this. I literally have nowhere to put my anger and no channel for my frustration. The fact that injustice is occurring on such a massive scale on the other side of the world, and the fact that people –by far the great majority of people right now in North America–just don’t care. They see it, they register it as “violence in the Middle East, well what else is new,” and they just flick past it.

I don’t care. I will continue to bombard people on Facebook with images and videos and quotes. I don’t care how it comes off, or how boring it gets, or even if people get desensitised. Risking desensitisation implies they’d have to be sensitised at some point before that, and they aren’t yet. So I will continue.

My heart can’t sit at ease knowing that my brothers and sisters are victims of brutal oppression and the rest of the world won’t blink an eye. It’s one thing to die in a hurricane, a force of nature. It’s another thing to have fewer people even care about your existence when you’re dying at the hands of men. Men, ruthless men, men who have taken on the position of God, men who hide in strong metal tanks, men who craftily maneouvre airplanes and jets, men who will kill children, men who will target soccer fields, men who will blast schools and libraries, men, self-entitled men, weak men, cowardly men.

In a war between the civlised man and the savage, support the civilised man. Support the man who is waiting to go through peaceful UN negotiations to get his country statehood, and fight the pathetic excuse of a man who will kill an 11-month-old infant in the name of “self-defense.”

Support Palestine.


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