Warm and fuzzies

Ending our first real block last Friday gave me, and probably everyone, those nice, warm, cuddly feelings inside. That whole week, we had three or four different lecturers tell us how good of a class we’d been. Not just in a, “You’ve been great, I can’t wait to get out of here and grab my paycheque with the extra teaching time I put in” kinda way, but a, “You’ve been great, you’ve been a truly unique class of avid and engaged learners who have made me feel like my teaching means something” kinda way. And probably the best form of compliment that I take personal pride in is the, “You’ve been great, because you know, I hear from the administrators that there have been lots of med classes of kids that are really full of themselves and think they’re already doctors, but I don’t get that sense of arrogance from you guys at all, you guys are truly a great bunch,”… and those comments just make my heart swell up and my eyes well up.

Because sometime between September and now, I must have made it a personal mission to make sure my class stays humble and doesn’t reinforce that image of cocky douchebag doctors, and I have a really sincere faith in my class that they won’t let me down.

Here’s to the start of a new block, another few months of refreshing education, another several months of beating down our egos and serving our true purpose of being trained to heal mankind.


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