Sometimes it’s just a matter of telling yourself, “The only reason I’m here today is that I was raised in a wealthy society by two outstanding parents in a nation with layers and layers of safety nets and lines of credit and have been giving all the luxuries and cushioning I could think of that brought me here. And that there is a child somewhere else in the world whose biggest and only dream is to pursue an education and feel the pages of books between her fingers and pick up a pen and wonder how people make words from this device and just sit, hopelessly, thinking about her own mind, thinking about its potential, wondering how far it can open, wondering if she will ever get a chance to use it, her wondering cut all too short because she has to go back to her mind-numbing responsibility of filling water pails or stitching a checkmark onto a pair of Nikes or silently shedding tears as the large calloused hands of her next client claim her warm, illiterate skin.”


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