The most difficult thing about medicine is the not the medicine. It’s fitting medicine into the rest of your life. It’s wondering when you should start thinking about that future outside of medicine, that family you want to have, that place where you want to live, that community you want to be a part of. I know a lot of my peers don’t worry about this, and if they do, not nearly as much as I do. Maybe I just can’t stay focused on one thing at a time. But ever since I started this program, I’ve been thinking along the lines of, “Okay, now I’m in… so now what? What’s my next big life goal?” For me, the obvious next step would be getting married, and I’m still struggling with when would be the ideal time to do that. Now, while I’m studying but have a decent amount of free time? In clerkship, when I’m running around but don’t have that pressure of exams on my mind? After graduation, when I’ll most likely be moving to a new city on my own, away from my family? After residency, when things will finally settle down but I’ll be like a million years old?

I really can’t be one of those people who fits the rest of my life into my career. No, my career has to fit into the rest of my life. If I feel I’m ready to take the next big step in my life, well, I should probably just do it.


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