Posted in January 2013

This is real life

Yesterday we had our first anatomy dissections. It was incredible for a number of reasons, the main one being that our team works so well together. We’re all supportive, we’re all looking out to make sure everyone’s feeling okay, isn’t dizzy or sick, wants to do a cut, doesn’t want to do a cut, holding … Continue reading


CPR block: Cardio, Pulmonary, and Renal–and quite literally the lifeline of medical school. You don’t give it your all, you will fail it. You don’t learn it well enough, you will suffer as a practising physician. You don’t keep up, you will get left in the dust. One week in and I can’t decide how … Continue reading

Is this real life?

I watched a girl write down notes as we were shadowing a physician and he was giving us tips on patient interaction, and one of her notes to self was to ask the patient, “How are you doing today?” … I guess I know why they put us through all those torturous patient communication sessions … Continue reading

Balance: Part II

Whenever I run into my research professor from last summer, I see her the exact same way: short on time, scrambling to finish up an email, late to some meeting or lecture, or just frazzled. I always feel so guilty for every second I spend with her, because I know it’s one second I’m taking … Continue reading


Occasions like these always sucker me into making lists and reflections and deep self analysis, even though that’s something I should be doing year-round. In 2012, I started the year off in the most disastrous way possible. I went to LA for vacation, went to Disneyland, went to the beach, basically numbed my brain and … Continue reading