CPR block: Cardio, Pulmonary, and Renal–and quite literally the lifeline of medical school. You don’t give it your all, you will fail it. You don’t learn it well enough, you will suffer as a practising physician. You don’t keep up, you will get left in the dust.

One week in and I can’t decide how to stay on top of this block. Granted, I coughed up a pathetic amount of effort, given the time I’ve been dedicating to the MSA and other extracurriculars lately. But I thought I’d save more time not going to class and vodcasting everything and learning it the first time… looks like that’s not going to happen either. I’m kind of set on skipping most classes (no point when I’m this behind), but with anatomy labs, shadowing, HAL, and needing to complete my 12 hour elective, I guess I just didn’t realise how much focus and energy I’d have to put in this semester. And, well, something’s gotta give–and it’s probably going to be my undergrad life. Fewer MSA activities, spending each minute more efficiently, and definitely cutting out my social life. It’s getting to a point where my undergrad friends can’t understand that just attending classes, for me, is now more hours than a full-time job, and if I want to prioritise my religious activities too, then I really can’t make time for anything else.

The most interesting thing is, I’m really, really fine with that. I think I’ve been looking for an excuse to hermit myself away for a while now, and people don’t seem to understand just how much I value being alone. If you lock me in a room with nothing but medicine and Islam, I think I’d be content for days.


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