Food for thought

It strikes me, and has done for many years, that anti-religious secularism or atheism is a luxury than is indulged in by comfortable urbanised humanity who are many removes from having to live their lives in direct communion with nature, unlike their religious forebears.

For example, on the eve of WW1 it was said that there was nobody living in London who was more than three generations away from the land – so their grandparents were still living and working on farms.

There was a sign on the wall of a wet fish shop in Chiswick for a while that had the motto “if you would learn to pray, first go to sea”.

I sometimes wish these comfortable specimens of ‘homo urbanus sophisticanus’ would go to the Highlands and help bring in the cattle or tend to the sheep in the middle of winter, or… go to sea.

How long would their comfortable smugness last when rounding Malin Point into the teeth of a North Atlantic gale?

Someone’s post via Facebook.


3 thoughts on “Food for thought

    • It’s saying that secularism and a “take for granted” kind of atheism is only made possible by the luxury of urban life, a complete removal from nature in all its glory. This commenter used nature’s scary phenomena, but I think it could apply to nature’s beautiful miracles as well. Basically saying that if you took yourself out of a man-made urban bubble and immersed yourself in the natural world, you’d be forced to think about God more.

  1. This is an interesting point of view. I’ve argued another similar point (along the lines of enjoying a certain “luxury”). Among other issues, atheism cannot ensure a strict following of a moral code. However atheists argue that atheistic countries such as Norway, Denmark, Sweden, etc. don’t have moral problems (as in high crime rates). However they fail to take into account that such countries are first world countries and their citizens enjoy a much better than average lifestyle.

    Had their situation been one of a third world country, where most issues are life and death, we’d see the true color of the “moral superiority” of atheism, i.e. the lack thereof…

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