I’m home!

Good news: my trip was loads of fun, I took lots of pictures, I saw a garments factory, a hospital, the slums, and the poshest neighbourhoods, I only got diarrhea for one day, I finally put a face to all the cousins and relatives I only knew by name, I kind of diagnosed a guy from our village who thought he was paralysed by checking his patellar reflex… with a bamboo stick.

Bad news: I wrote a few blog post drafts on an old laptop but forgot to copy the file to a USB stick, so I don’t think I’ll get them back. Also, I’m still sick with some kind of semi-chronic cough that I’m praying isn’t TB. And I’m really jealous that my sister is still there having a blast with all my cousins when I’m stuck here starting school next week.

I hope to have more detailed posts (with pictures) up soon!


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