Vaccines of Satan

I don’t know if there is a more heated topic of debate you can get into with someone in health care than the topic of vaccines. And it only makes sense, honestly… it’s not one of those things I can just let go and “live and let live” when I know that the beliefs of that individual impact the lives and safety of those around them. You can live and let live with someone who simply is too lazy to get a flu shot but acknowledges that generally they’re a good idea. You cannot, however, live and let live with someone who believes vaccines contain carcinogens/poisons/autism/government tracking microchips or whatever the newest word on the grapevine is about what vaccines are transmitting these days.

Why is it that the same people who are so up in arms conspiring about what vaccines contain, turn around and have no problem and getting antibiotics from a doctor (probably for some viral infection)? Why is it that they have no problem getting admitted to hospital for surgeries and CT scans and generally assume an atmosphere of trust when there’s nowhere else they can go for their treatment, but as soon as they are presented with the option of not getting the vaccine (because of course no vaccine is mandatory… yet), suddenly they all find a safe haven in the internet? Is it something as simple as being given the option, that suddenly gives way to conspiracy? Because no organic/vintage/hippie mom seems to say no to surgery for her child when it’s told that it will save her baby’s life. Yet as soon as she’s told the life-saving treatment for a particular illness is a shot instead of a surgery, as soon as she realises she has the option to say no, is when it suddenly becomes the pharmaceutical ploy to take over the world aka mastermind of Satan himself.

Someone pointed out to me that of all the fields, one would probably encounter this particular frustration in pediatrics the most. I’m going to have to find a much better way of tackling this issue…


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