Posted in May 2014

Let’s talk about

In case you were wondering, taking a sexual history in an OSCE situation is just as mortifying as you expect it to be. Especially when you want to wince apologetically before every question you ask. Especially when you have no idea how personal is too personal, and what sexual practices might or might not be … Continue reading

Work a little to ball a lot

Yesterday was the first time in my life I gave a job interview where I felt the interviewers were trying to impress me and convince me why I should take the job, more than I was trying to impress them and convince them they should hire me. Is this what life will be like from now on, … Continue reading

Started from the bottom, now we here

I’ve noticed a huge shift in my thinking as a medical student. As in, I finally feel like I’m “thinking like a doctor.” I’m not alone in this, as many of my classmates have said the same thing as going through our first year notes in studying for the comp. But I feel it’s particularly … Continue reading

A haiku

your absence feels likea hole in my chest; inhale,killing me softly you’ve replaced my bloodwith dearth, insufficiencyyou are my tension pneumo.