One month of life

I can’t believe it’s been a full month since I’ve written here–it feels like so recently I was writing my exams, and here I am fully engaged in summer mode. Too many things to recap: 

  • I passed my exams! Yay! Even the dreaded anatomy bellringer. I was actually quite in shock about that one, as I was sure I had made so many silly mistakes that it’d add up to a fail. Maybe those graders were just merciful to me.
  • I had a week off afterwards just to recuperate… yay! I spent most of the week sleeping in til noon and baking/cooking the rest of the day. That was the week my parents hated having me in the house because there was too much food.
  • I’ve had evenings and weekends off to enjoy the sunshine and the company of my friends, who I haven’t seen for pretty much the entire academic year… yay!
  • I’ve been taking exercise a lot more seriously and feel sore in a new spot pretty much every day… yay!
  • It was my birthday… yay (kind of)! I’m not hugely looking forward to getting old 😛 At least not without a dude around so I can tell myself I’m making headway on that aspect of my life. But “c’est la vie” seems an appropriate quote for this predicament.
  • I started work as an extern at a psychiatry hospital… yay!

It’s been everything I imagined and more. Quite honestly, this is my first exposure to a field that actually lived up to all my expectations and proves to be something I can picture myself doing everyday. Nearly every shadowing experience thus far has helped me to rule out what I definitely don’t want to do, with a few exceptions of “eh… it’s okay… I guess I could do that for the rest of my life… but… it’s kinda [xyz reasons].” The hours are absolutely reasonable. The call is only twice a month. The job is flexible–forensics, acute, adult, adolescent, psychotherapy–pick what you want to do. The work is rewarding. The patients are grateful. Most of all, the field is friggen interesting! Fascinating how much can go wrong in the mind and how it can turn your entire life upside down. And, hopefully, can be reversed.

I can see myself doing this happily and fulfilled with my career choice. Of course, things might change, and I’m open to that. But this is a huge step in making that choice that I’m quite happy with.


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