We are in the last few days of Ramadan. Incredible and disheartening how quickly it flew by.

I think I would be one of many, many Muslims who would say that I feel this Ramadan has been robbed from me. Unless you’re purposely shunning out any world news, you’ll know that there is a genocide taking place right now. For over two weeks Israel has been shelling the life, blood, and guts out of the Palestinian people in the Gaza strip, nearly all of them civilians.

I can’t help but be disappointed that the nights of this blessed month in which I normally pray, read Qur’an, reflect, talk to God, and spend in complete tranquility–that has been completely shattered. For the past month instead I’ve been glued to my Twitter and Facebook, watching the death toll climb, hearing account after account of civilians killed, reading the stories of the murdered in one last effort that they may be humanized before the world completely forgets about them. Gone are the nights of quiet prayer. Instead I am arguing with trolls on the internet, biting my tongue in rage at the world’s stupidity, completely neglecting the responsibilities to my Lord and to my spirit during this blessed time. I am extremely disappointed in myself for not making more of this month.

However, if there is any consolation for the lost time, it’s that I think the world is truly changing. Maybe for the first time in history the world is recognizes the war crimes Israel is perpetrating on a daily basis, that maybe the civilian slaughter can’t be justified, that maybe they are on the wrong side after all. If somehow the world wakes up and participates in not only ending this genocide but ending the brutal decades-long oppression, maybe I won’t have to mourn the loss of my Ramadan after all.


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