I should have written something at the start of link block two weeks ago, because the feeling then and the feeling now are completely different. The past two weeks in and of themselves have been quite a challenge. I failed my first exam–woooo! Fortunately I was in good company as I think there were 26 of us, many faces in the rewrite room whom I recognise as very bright individuals. It was on IV administration and I took it way too lightly–lo and behold, the following week during the practical IV session, I silently freaked out as blood came quickly through the catheter onto my classmate’s hand, I fumbled for the IV tubing, didn’t take off the cap amidst my mental spazzing, and then ended up contaminating the tubing. I can’t say I feel too horrible though because I know for certain that had my particular supervising nurse not been breathing down my neck telling me everything that I’m doing wrong, sighing loudly, making no effort to hide her exasperation, I think my experience would have gone a little differently. At the very least I would have been comfortable asking to try again–but not with this lady, once I’d heard her snap, “Okay, you’re done, we’re done here, you’re not putting this IV in today.” Suffice to say there were a number of interesting teaching experiences this past week, and comparing stories with my classmates, I know I’m not alone in feeling like that was one experience I’d like to forget.

But who cares! Onto bigger and better things–like how clerkship starts TOMORROW. I start with rural family medicine, which should be totally manageable, and yet I need to get cracking on the guidelines and antibiotics I learned years ago and remember nothing about. It terrifies me to think about my first rotation in hospital, like those starting with internal medicine. But I, however, will still get to see the light of day for 8 weeks and maybe even poke around some trails and creeks when I’m off in rural Alberta. I’m sure I will have some good stories to put up here! 


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