Attitude of Gratitude

Posted on Day 22 of Ramadan:

Somehow I completely fell off the wagon for these reflections even though they were the one thing keeping me in check amongst busy school/work schedules. I’ve been thinking a lot about the things we take for granted. In Ramadan of course it’s easy to remember the food/water we take for granted all day. But when I went from delivering a blue baby requiring extensive resuscitation on the last day of my obstetrics rotation, to watching psych patients roam around with blank expressions on their faces the next day, that feeling of ungratefulness went a lot deeper. How do I take for granted my pristine health and the absence of any severe medical conditions in my family when I work in a setting exposed to disease and illness every day? How often do I thank God for the very simple blessing of being in touch with reality, when millions of people are walking around with invisible mental health illnesses making them hear voices, question reality, live with a dark cloud hanging over their heads? How about just for living in a community where I’ve developed beautiful bonds of sisterhood that we can celebrate by meeting for iftar and catching up as if it hasn’t been years since we’ve seen each other, as if it was only yesterday? I made a promise to myself to make this year one of gratitude, and unfortunately I’m still at the point where I need to consciously remind myself and name out all my blessings to be thankful for them, but I hope this attitude becomes more second nature to me by next Ramadan, inshallah.


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