CaRMS welcomes me to the R-1 Residency Match

I have been doing a family medicine elective, you know, to see if I can actually do this for life. If I’m going to apply for this specialty, and rank it even, I need to be able to actually do it forever. And in my first week, I felt like I could have. What a difference an office setting makes after being in hospital rotations for the past year! Gone were the icky hospital units and hand-sani covered charts, gone were the early morning starts. Instead we had breezy hours of 9-4, occasionally finishing at 3pm, with a 1.5 hour lunch break. We sat in a nice office and we got to spend as much or as little time with the patients as we desired. And it does seem like nice rapport between patients and their trusted physician, who knows all their life circumstances and also sees their mom, dad, sister, wife, and son-in-law. A true family doctor.

But… but… it just gets so tedious! It was really nice in the first week when it felt new enough that I wanted to get all his pimping questions, generally think long and hard back to my family core rotation objectives, and feel like I could put myself in those shoes. But now as the problems become more about just “knowing the patient,” the diagnostic challenges are dwindling down… even the few that do come up, seem to be about abnormal lab values that may or may not be significant, requiring much more workup than we can do in my time there, so they really pose no interesting question to me.

So I guess it’s kind of a relief to know how much of a change this is from psychiatry, where I was literally excited to go to work everyday and impress my preceptor with my knowledge of psych meds and see the most floridly psychotic patient available. But it’s also kind of a concern since I am really hedging my bets on getting into psychiatry here and only here. I have barely done any away electives. So, um, let’s hope the residency coordinators here don’t find any reason to hate me in the next few months.

And the fact that my #2 plan is really becoming my #10 plan along with all the other #10’s it’s tied with, and psychiatry is my #1 plan, and numbers 2-9 really don’t exist.

Applications opened for editing today! I’m going to get right to it.


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