Posted in November 2015

January has come early

I remember being told January is the hardest month to get through, and that’s been holding a pattern in my life for the past few years. This year, maybe it’s come too soon. With an intense, exhausting neurology rotation; with a bunch of social stressors surrounding family and extended family; with a general feeling of … Continue reading

Serious question

What is the difference between a crack addict in their 20s presenting with an MI and a skater kid who gets his high off extreme sports and dangerous jumps? What is the difference between a chronic marijuana user who develops schizophrenia and a morbidly obese fellow who develops type 2 diabetes? What is the difference … Continue reading


Tonight on my drive in from Calgary to Canmore, something caught my eye and I had to pull over. I realized I will probably never get a chance to see the rural Alberta sky this clearly and this easily, at least not for a while. What looked like generous sprinkle after generous sprinkle of stars … Continue reading