Tonight on my drive in from Calgary to Canmore, something caught my eye and I had to pull over. I realized I will probably never get a chance to see the rural Alberta sky this clearly and this easily, at least not for a while. What looked like generous sprinkle after generous sprinkle of stars enveloped the velvet blue sky. It runs a sudden shock of realization through you to think, this is what we don’t see on a nightly basis, even though it’s there all along. What else don’t we see?

Imagine: a blanket of Milky Way above, against the backdrop of a gorgeous snow dusted mountain (freshly fallen today), and shoot star blazes through a few arcs before disappearing behind that handsome mountain peak. So quick you almost second guess yourself as to if you really saw anything. 

I know this isn’t the most outrageous adventure most people go on, and when people talk about self discovery trips, they usually mean surviving trying conditions and hiking through Amazonian rainforests and dangerous challenges pushing one’s limit. But maybe for this rule-abiding Muslim gal, this is as wild as it gets: a lot of reflection over the conversations that just took place, pulling over late at night when no one knows where I am and just looking up and taking my time to soak it all in. This is time I don’t owe anyone else, time I don’t have to borrow, places I don’t have to be. This is about as liberating as it gets. 


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