Girl crush

Man today I worked with a resident who is everything I want to be but (falsely believe that I) can’t be. She interrupted our conversation on oropharynx anatomy teaching to yell down the hallway at a nurse in a cute scrub skirt, “Deena when are you gonna marry me already?” She’s the type of person to run up to someone in real life and say, “Hey hot stuff, I saw that instagram of you, you looked amazing!” Things that I would consider so cheesy but sound so authentic and believable coming from her. She hits on all her female colleagues and none of her male ones, haha. It also doesn’t hurt that she’s incredibly gorgeous, all 5 feet of her, and is the reason why people say big things (and feisty things) come in small packages. And mile-long lashes with a heavy hand of mascara.

But, as a woman in surgery, her looks and charisma of course wouldn’t mean anything without her skills and knowledge, and of course she has it all. She pretty much took over the second case and didn’t let the surgeon near the sterile field so she could tell him when it was all said and done that the operation had gone well. She asked me what I had matched to right away, and instead of boring me with jibberish about ENT, she tailored all her teaching around psych issues that head and neck cancer patients face–obvious facial deformity and stigma associated with it, naturally the depression that follows, polysubstance abuse and risk factors for oral cancer, the isolating nature of these cancers doubled with isolating diseases like schizophrenia. I literally enjoyed myself in the OR for perhaps the first time ever.

Honestly it’s mindblowing when I remember that people like this still exist, even 4 years into a rough surgical specialty, even despite probably getting flack from every male in the business. She was insanely friendly, charming, funny, and down to earth, and yet introduced herself to me first. Friendly with all the nurses rather than catty or snobby, as some residents get. And now she’s switching services next week so I’ll likely never see her again 😦


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