The last day

Friday was the last day of classes I’ll ever have as a med student. It was the last time I’ll sit in a lecture hall amongst 160-some other students as someone at the front enlightens us about a topic of their expertise. The last sign-in sheet being passed around. The last scramble to find a plug-in before your laptop dies. It really felt like the end of an era.

My academic days from this point on will be very focused on an area relevant to my future practice, and it will involve a group of at most 50-something other residents. We will likely never sit in a lecture hall again.

I’ve been soaking up this kind of nostalgia for the past few weeks now, realising suddenly when I might be in a room for the last time, or swipe my ID card for the last time. I walked around the non-med side of campus the other day and my God, that was a wave of emotion. I’ve been at this university for 8 years. That is ONE-THIRD of my life.

I’ve been counting the “last time” for everything happening recently. In 2 weeks I’ll see my class as we write our comprehensive exam, then a month after that when we write our big licensing exam. Then, we part ways on our exotic adventures until we all regroup for graduation in June. And then it’s really goodbye… we get scattered like seeds across the country and we start our new lives and new journeys. For those who call here home, hopefully I can run into them on Christmas and holiday weekends. But for everyone else, it’s truly goodbye, wishing them well and occasionally creeping them on Facebook…

Oh goodness what a bittersweet time.


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