Posted in January 2018

Of mice and unicorns

I always liked Steinbeck and those old men whistling. You never know which men will turn out to be unicorns. Talkin’ in the mission Over coffee, this is my utopia “You’re in luck, I’m actually still here this week,” I text him, several days after he was supposed to connect with me. “Not under the … Continue reading

48 hours

Is the best compliment you can ever receive something like, “I wouldn’t have done this if you weren’t here?” Is there anything possibly more gratifying than that?


This time I didn’t want to be one of those “new year, new me” people. But when you avoid clich√©s that’s exactly when they seem to happen. I am spending January 1st in a new condo, a building that I’ve been thinking about moving to for months and haven’t had the nerve to break my … Continue reading