I haven’t known trauma firsthand. I knew that going into the refugee clinic, I should read about PTSD before hand. I read up on the diagnostic criteria and committed as much to memory as I could. What I found instead were women with real life horror stories that couldn’t fit into any criteria. These women’s … Continue reading

Cutting ties

It’s a great mental effort to decide that you’re done revisiting the past and that you’ve closed the door on something (or someone). But that mental effort is made so much more solidified when you make that last grand gesture of closure, send that last text that probably won’t make a difference, that might even … Continue reading

January, again

If you’ve creeped my blog long enough (and some of you have ;)), you’ll know that January is my humpday of the year. Someone told me that if you get through January, you’ll get through anything, and in some sort of self-fulfilling prophecy this has turned out to be true. It’s the end of January. … Continue reading

Some cheese with that whine

My heart is pounding loudly and uncomfortably in my chest, even though I’m sitting on my bed at 10pm during what’s supposed to be my post-shower relaxing time. I don’t know exactly what’s going on, but I suspect it has to do with the angry text (serial texts) I’ve just sent my sister outlining my … Continue reading


Today I floated in a hot tub surrounded by women, greeting and kissing each other, calling loudly over one another in their respective languages, women who are cultured and ethnic and bringing their histories in the pool with them. I watched these fierce fiery women who take no shit from anyone connect over small talk … Continue reading

The Start

A month and a half into residency and I “haven’t found the time” to update this blog. The whole purpose of this blog was to document my big moments in medicine and highlight the milestones on this journey. I’m only working 6 hours a day on this rotation and I haven’t managed to get my … Continue reading

It takes a village

Yesterday was the first day of Ramadan. The high was 28 degrees. It was Monday, so people went to work as usual. This is after seeing many of these people in the mosque the night before, praying extra supererogatory prayers until 1am. This Ramadan will be the longest for the next 33 years. We’re at … Continue reading

Closing the books

It’s 5am the morning of my LMCC, my licensing exam that will determine whether or not I practice medicine this year. Moronically, I set my alarm an hour earlier than I had to. See, making 5 prayers a day is hard in the summer, when the dawn prayer sits between 3am-5am and almost certainly requires breaking … Continue reading

Playing with fire

Playing with fire

Several hundred kilometres north of me there’s a blazing fire that’s consumed 100 square km of trees, homes, businesses, and memories. We are watching in horror as the news pours out of Fort McMurray, along with all its residents. Families we know are affeced, and we only wish we could open up our tiny home … Continue reading