A lot on my plate

Last night I slept from the hours of 1:30am to 4am. I set my alarm at 4am like I always do for Fajr, got up and prayed, laid down to sleep, and pretty much cursed every bird, every car, and every muted noise I heard until 7am when I forced myself out of bed. I’ve never … Continue reading

The last day

Friday was the last day of classes I’ll ever have as a med student. It was the last time I’ll sit in a lecture hall amongst 160-some other students as someone at the front enlightens us about a topic of their expertise. The last sign-in sheet being passed around. The last scramble to find a … Continue reading

Girl crush

Man today I worked with a resident who is everything I want to be but (falsely believe that I) can’t be. She interrupted our conversation on oropharynx anatomy teaching to yell down the hallway at a nurse in a cute scrub skirt, “Deena when are you gonna marry me already?” She’s the type of person … Continue reading

Death and living

I’ve finished two weeks on neurosurgery where we open up people’s brains and manipulate some vessels. Some people wake up from surgery; some don’t. What’s amazing is how common and well accepted these poor outcomes are. On the last 4 days of OR, several patients have had an intraoperative stroke or bleed. One patient is … Continue reading

It doesn’t take a neurosurgeon…

Today I made a recommendation to a neurosurgeon to change his planned intervention…and he took it. A neurosurgeon with 7 years of subspecialty training in his field took the advice of a medical student, a suggestion in his area of expertise. You have no idea how much fluffier my ego got today. A patient came … Continue reading

Official CaRMS post

I guess I should write about CaRMS. I mean, it’s a pretty important experience that I’ll be looking back on. But it’s hard to write your feelings about something you’re so completely immersed in, something you’re doing 24/7 and are thinking about 24/7… I’ve interviewed at most of the Ontario schools (minus Toronto), and some … Continue reading


This time four years ago, I was interviewing for medical schools, consumed with uncertainty about my future, pining over a guy who didn’t want me, and leaning on a guy who did give me the attention I wanted, even if he was my second choice. Today I’m on my first flight out to a residency … Continue reading

Death and dying

Continued from Part I. The day I got her admission package, I stared at the history in front of me, document after document of her tragedy. One paper I couldn’t get past: her goals of care designation. C2. In Canada we don’t have DNRs; we break down DNRs into exactly what a patient may or may … Continue reading