Closing the books

It’s 5am the morning of my LMCC, my licensing exam that will determine whether or not I practice medicine this year. Moronically, I set my alarm an hour earlier than I had to. See, making 5 prayers a day is hard in the summer, when the dawn prayer sits between 3am-5am and almost certainly requires breaking … Continue reading

Playing with fire

Playing with fire

Several hundred kilometres north of me there’s a blazing fire that’s consumed 100 square km of trees, homes, businesses, and memories. We are watching in horror as the news pours out of Fort McMurray, along with all its residents. Families we know are affeced, and we only wish we could open up our tiny home … Continue reading

A lot on my plate

Last night I slept from the hours of 1:30am to 4am. I set my alarm at 4am like I always do for Fajr, got up and prayed, laid down to sleep, and pretty much cursed every bird, every car, and every muted noise I heard until 7am when I forced myself out of bed. I’ve never … Continue reading

The last day

Friday was the last day of classes I’ll ever have as a med student. It was the last time I’ll sit in a lecture hall amongst 160-some other students as someone at the front enlightens us about a topic of their expertise. The last sign-in sheet being passed around. The last scramble to find a … Continue reading

Girl crush

Man today I worked with a resident who is everything I want to be but (falsely believe that I) can’t be. She interrupted our conversation on oropharynx anatomy teaching to yell down the hallway at a nurse in a cute scrub skirt, “Deena when are you gonna marry me already?” She’s the type of person … Continue reading

Death and living

I’ve finished two weeks on neurosurgery where we open up people’s brains and manipulate some vessels. Some people wake up from surgery; some don’t. What’s amazing is how common and well accepted these poor outcomes are. On the last 4 days of OR, several patients have had an intraoperative stroke or bleed. One patient is … Continue reading

It doesn’t take a neurosurgeon…

Today I made a recommendation to a neurosurgeon to change his planned intervention…and he took it. A neurosurgeon with 7 years of subspecialty training in his field took the advice of a medical student, a suggestion in his area of expertise. You have no idea how much fluffier my ego got today. A patient came … Continue reading

Official CaRMS post

I guess I should write about CaRMS. I mean, it’s a pretty important experience that I’ll be looking back on. But it’s hard to write your feelings about something you’re so completely immersed in, something you’re doing 24/7 and are thinking about 24/7… I’ve interviewed at most of the Ontario schools (minus Toronto), and some … Continue reading