Girl crush

Man today I worked with a resident who is everything I want to be but (falsely believe that I) can’t be. She interrupted our conversation on oropharynx anatomy teaching to yell down the hallway at a nurse in a cute scrub skirt, “Deena when are you gonna marry me already?” She’s the type of person … Continue reading

Death and living

I’ve finished two weeks on neurosurgery where we open up people’s brains and manipulate some vessels. Some people wake up from surgery; some don’t. What’s amazing is how common and well accepted these poor outcomes are. On the last 4 days of OR, several patients have had an intraoperative stroke or bleed. One patient is … Continue reading

It doesn’t take a neurosurgeon…

Today I made a recommendation to a neurosurgeon to change his planned intervention…and he took it. A neurosurgeon with 7 years of subspecialty training in his field took the advice of a medical student, a suggestion in his area of expertise. You have no idea how much fluffier my ego got today. A patient came … Continue reading

Official CaRMS post

I guess I should write about CaRMS. I mean, it’s a pretty important experience that I’ll be looking back on. But it’s hard to write your feelings about something you’re so completely immersed in, something you’re doing 24/7 and are thinking about 24/7… I’ve interviewed at most of the Ontario schools (minus Toronto), and some … Continue reading


This time four years ago, I was interviewing for medical schools, consumed with uncertainty about my future, pining over a guy who didn’t want me, and leaning on a guy who did give me the attention I wanted, even if he was my second choice. Today I’m on my first flight out to a residency … Continue reading

Death and dying

Continued from Part I. The day I got her admission package, I stared at the history in front of me, document after document of her tragedy. One paper I couldn’t get past: her goals of care designation. C2. In Canada we don’t have DNRs; we break down DNRs into exactly what a patient may or may … Continue reading

Young and beautiful

I’ve meant to write about so many cases these past two weeks. Yes, because of course it’s contributing to my growth as a future physician, helping me find what I’m comfortable with and what kind of doctor I’ll be, but also more selfishly because they will make for some amazing CaRMS stories. (Apparently we need … Continue reading

Soft skills

I have so much I need to be journalling about, with so much on my mind and my promise to myself to reflect more. And yet with all this swimming in my mind, all these wonderful patient experiences I’ve been mulling over, I haven’t put it down. Before I get into a touching experience on my … Continue reading