Posted in October 2012


Today my small group–specifically the girls in my small group–confronted me about being too opinionated. They confessed to feeling very alienated when they have an opinion that differs from mine, and I give them that withering stare that says, “How could you even think of disagree with me on such an obvious moral/ethical/integrity-related issue?” I … Continue reading

“Cream of the crop”

Today, yet again, this issue came up. “You are the cream of the crop.” “You are the top two percent of society.” “You are the top of the food chain, the top of the hierarchy.” “This position demands respect. Everybody is looking up to you!” I am so sick and tired of hearing how great we … Continue reading

Fish out of water

During the HAL interview today, I fessed up a couple of the issues that have been on my mind pretty much ever since I got into medical school. 1. Everyone seems to have wanted this since they were embryos, and I remained fully undecided until May 15. Not just that, but everyone takes so much … Continue reading