Posted in September 2015

To the girl he loves next

He may promise you forever too, and though I don’t know how truthful he’ll be, believe it anyway. Coming from a girl who has lived with the aftermath of “forever” for three and a half years, that’s saying something. He means it in the moment, and, if he does things right with you, he’ll be … Continue reading

To me, a year from now

Yes, sometimes you still cry over it, even in the middle of the day. Today you got home from a day of managing the wards by yourself and feeling like a rockstar, and then you read a poem about heartbreak and ended up curled up on your bed soaking your pillow. Then you pulled yourself together … Continue reading


I used to have a tag on my blog called “annual winter break drama.” Everything bad that ever happened in my personal life always seemed to happen in the magical Christmas season, when there are beautiful lights and delicately falling snow and nobody wants to be alone. It started becoming a such a regular motif … Continue reading