Posted in October 2015

To the man I used to know

We saw each other on accident and it just about broke me apart. That night I came home and couldn’t stop smiling, couldn’t sleep out of how happy I was. The next day all I could think about was when I’d see you again. Today I’m devastated knowing I probably won’t. You haven’t done anything … Continue reading

What have I done

Apparently I have started vlogging. Oh my god this is actually so embarrassing. But whatever. It might inspire a young girl or two. And most of all it makes me feel like I’m doing something with my life, which I usually spend talking about all the things I have to do and just watching cat … Continue reading

What it comes down to

I didn’t work hard enough to get into medical school in order to realise how much I would have had to struggle if this all hadn’t worked out. I’ve written on this before, and it’s something that continues to haunt me. People work their whole lives to get into medicine, they go and make a … Continue reading